Painting course Anger, in the Loire Valley

28 april-5 may, 5-12 may 18-25 aug, ev sept 2018

Be inspired by the Loire Valley - the light, the vineyards and the gentle valleys. Studying the basics  of classic painting bases in the country east of Angers, in the middle of the Loire Valley.


The painting will be executed mostly outdoors and you will practice painting landscapes, settings, studies of each other and yourselves. Volume, light and shadow, different perspectives, abstraction and stylization, simple colour theory, effects of light on colour  and composition are subjects we return to and discuss constantly. In discussing materials we will learn about paints, pigments and supports. 

In case of bad weather we stay in the Atelier of Grandfather Björn or in the big house, depending on our painting motif.


The materials used are optional, watercolours or pastels are easy and convenient to carry. Oil is also good (oil or water), but remember that the paint can dry slowly.

If you find it difficult, there are materials available. Get in touch! For not yet dry canvases transport can be arranged.

Form of study / course outlines

Your group consists of a minimum of 8-12 participants. Teaching is flexible, depending on the participants and the day's weather. You paint under supervision throughout the day. I meet everyone where they are in their development. The evening concludes with a review of the day's work. Classical problems are discussed constantly.


Who are you?
Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you will be able to develop your painting as teaching is largely on an individual basis. In a fantastic environment with motifs wherever you look, you will feel the urge to paint. The garden is great with many of our own "outdoor rooms", you can be alone and work in privacy. Bonnard's quote "peindre son desir" is our motto!

After completing the course, you will have developed your technique and three-dimensional composition, and learned more about colour perspective.


Breakfast and lunch are included. Breakfast is served in the common kitchen. For lunch we arrange something simple together or separately.

In the evening dinner consists of French cuisine. We enjoy dinner in our large garden under the crowns of the laurel trees.


1 week in a double room including courses, breakfast, lunch and teaching: 950 euros. If you arrange alternative accommodation the cost is reduced to 690 euros. There´s a charming Auberge 10 min walk. We can catch you up by car if necessary.Note that the number of participants is limited ..... first come first served. Dinners will be charged extra at 18 euros. Drinks are included.

Registration fee

When you have called or emailed us and received your reservation, you pay in 200 euros no later than 31 mars/course in april or 15 july for the course in August. IBAN:SE06 6000 0000 0004 4928 5421  BIC :HANDSESS Specify name and address of course. The balance shall be paid no later than 30 days before the course starts. If you fall ill before the course, you get your money paid back after presenting a medical certificate. If there are too few participants to have the course, you will of course be refunded what you have paid. Remember to register any food you do not tolerate and preferences regarding accommodation.

Since this is a country house and not a hotel we all have to be willing to get along as best we can, it can be difficult to get your own room!

Course time 2018

28 april-5 maj, 18-25 aug, ev sept 

Collective pick-up in Angers on monday, 28th april /friday 18 August 4 PM.

Drop off for the journey home morning sunday 6th june/sunday 26 August.

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