What is les Petites landes?

This amazing place was discovered and bought by my Swedish grandfather and my Norwegian grandmother in 1949, who met in Paris in the late '30s and started a family. They were designers and artists both and almost never traveled home to Scandinavia. Les Petites landes has a large park-like garden with a vegetable garden and is located on a hill 20 km south of Angers. The house´s oldest part is the existing kitchen, which was built during the 1600s. The rest has been built over the centuries. All furniture is bought at flea markets over the years. It is so nice!

You travel to Angers (train from Paris, 1H20 approx) on your own and at your own expense. Accommodations are provided on our farm les Petites landes, where the living is simple and pleasant in this artist's country house, which has been in the family for three generations. Of course we can also help with other housing proposals if desired, la Ferme Auberge Montrivet (rural hostel) is nearby.


Who am I?

The business is run by me, Sissel Wibom, educated at the Art Academy in Stockholm and Paris, and with extensive teaching experience. Active artist for 20 years with a series of exhibitions behind me. See CV on the website.

My personal view on artistry is included in the bargain!
See my CV at: www.sisselwibom.com

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On your own

We give you advice on expeditions among the area's many attractions along the river, in the village or in the city. There are what seems like forever to see: castles, the medieval castle in Angers, traditional markets, folk festivals and of course tastings of all kinds ....


Things to do

There are lots: riding, canoeing, cycling, going to the markets, painting, reading books, going to the flea market, look at castles, museums. Below are some pages, you can choose English on these too. I can come up with tips too.



Les Petites Landes

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Ferme-Auberge  et chambres d'hôtes

M. & Mme Pignard  


Tél. 02 41 45 32 02

mèl : norbert.perray@wanadoo.fr

sur le web : www.auberge-montrivet.fr

Ouvert : toute l’année sauf dimanche soir, sur réservation.

Capacité : 2 fois 40 couverts

Venez déguster nos produits à base de canards, poulets  et produits du jardin, élevés, transformés et cuisinés à la ferme (canard à l'Aubance, poulet à l'estragon, "spécialité" régionale poisson beurre blanc, etc.)